Fictional Writing in the Context of Politics and Society

The contemporary political literature generally traces down the issues like democratic reforms and the problems that concern the rural poor of developing countries. The best way to explore politics is to jot down your experiences as a researcher and journalist which most of them do today. The vast literature questions the prevailing notions in the political world and society as well as demarcates the desperate hopelessness and choice.

About Issues Bothering Rural Masses

The writings also talk of the power play that goes behind policy shortfalls at the Centre while neglecting the rural masses as a substantial part of the population. The current texts draw upon issues of the rural poor leading to farmer suicides – a burning topic throughout the developing nations. Mainly, the literature talks of ways through which agriculture can make an impact to bring farmers out of their miseries. Go to the South-Central part and you have to deal with the tyranny of moneylenders and repercussions of crop failures.

Dynastic Politics

Furthermore, the sensitive political fiction genre deals with dynastic politics as well as the pressure that drives young politicians to achieve success in the power circles. There is a lot to it when stories unravel the happenings that occur behind closed doors of the Parliament. The news becomes sensational if it is resulted from a sting operation or conversations secretly recorded in tapes. The topics range from the role played by corporate houses in the appointment of union ministers to the way such politicians survive their actions during communal riots.

Piling Debts and Sufferings of a Farmer

The fictional writing on politics and society touches upon aspects like the rural life dependent upon agriculture in the changing global world. In developing world, the sufferings of an individual farmer can be of great interest to the readers as it is a constant battle against odds every day. The discussions ripe in the political societies these days are that of farmer suicides triggered by successive crop failures and the piling burden of debt. Moreover, it is about what happens to family members who await compensation in the aftermath.

Corruption in Government Institutions

On the other side are people who stand up to bringing justice to the deceased. The two different worlds collide including those who fight against such inheritance of despair and those who wish to keep their inheritance of power. The idea behind such authors picking up pen is to raise voices against corruption rooted in all areas covering government and politics. The descriptions raise questions over the legitimacy of institutions of democracy and governance.

What unearths the corruption among politicians, also reveals the despair of the general population.

Alarming News and Advice For Unapologetic Safety

It is not unusual to hear alarming news and disturbing stories these days. Society can be most predictable in its instability and unfortunate leanings toward criticism, judgments and, sadly, unnecessary violence. A well known sports writer was recently quoted as saying, “The greatest human instinct may be censorship.” Unfortunately, in many forms, that could very well be true.

A religious group in Canton, North Carolina has publicized their plans for a Halloween-night book burning. Are they going to set fire to pornography, racy selections or text wrought with profanity? No. Rather, they intend to burn bibles (oh, only the NON-King James version scriptures), literature by Christian authors and assorted Christian music. Apparently the Baptist church congregation and their head pastor deem all these things an affront to humanity, as well as to their rather narrow definition of God.

In Westchester, New York, one of the school districts meted out very minor punishment to a teen girl who hurled degrading and threatening racial slurs at a fellow student. Further escalating the interracial disturbance, the girl’s older brother and an entourage of friends soon after lit a burning cross on the victimized student’s front lawn.

The 21-year old brother spent some months in jail for the cross burning antics and is now back in prison for making alleged internet threats against our President. Thank goodness for the Secret Service and that nice, tall fence around the White House; otherwise this lawless group would likely have a tall cross ablaze on the presidential landscape, too.

You may be wondering; what is wrong with people? Certainly we have every right to ask; why do so many folks foster this relentless need to act out against and negatively censor anyone they don’t personally approve of? And we need to consider; what do we do in the event that someone disapproves of us with threatening intent?

While we should all hope that such ridiculous and unevolved behavior would never be directed toward us, it’s not entirely out of the realm of possibility (especially considering that it appears such a popular pastime).

Carrying a personal alarm can help alert others if you are in danger when outside your home. Inside our houses, security devices such as alarms, motion detectors and remote cellular monitoring equipment helps to keep us as safe as possible.

No one wants to incite paranoia or develop undue cynicism toward humanity, but at the same time we need to look out for ourselves, for our families, a

How to Write a Celebrity News and Gossips Review

Personally I have found that these days many people are launching there sites on celebrity news and gossips. Well, certainly, every one wants to earn something and no doubt that the Hollywood industry is a fabulous place to cash with. It is mere this reason that hundred and thousand of blogs are today available on celebrity fashion, celebrity hair, and news related to them and specially on there private life.

But as soon as one hot news is posted on any of these blogs, a large number of blogs start copying pasting or rewriting the news for there blogs. Though the idea of rewriting is much better than mere single handedly copy pasting but I have even a more better and tested solution.

Yes, not everyone can afford to get a journalist to get news for a blog for the reason of money and sometimes for the reason of access and locality. If you are one of them then here is one and all time solution for your celebrity news and gossips related blog. What you need to do is rather write a review and not just rewriting the news. It sure is one word solution but if you want to know how to actually write a review then do not be panic because this article will tell you all about how to write a review on celebrity related latest news.

Writing a review works like a link bait and can also help you have many backlinks. Many other blogs can link to you for your news story and its review. So here it is.

For writing a review you simply need to follow some simple instructions:

– Your review should be a personal opinion of yourself or of a segment of society. For example what people though about a celebrity dress in any particular occasion.
– You can either praise the news or be critical by again adding some suggestions.
– In a review you can tell the readers about the differences or similarities a celeb had with some other celeb. You can also discuss the behavior of the celeb in a psychological aspect. In other words you can make your review look analytical. A review can be made by simply mentioning any latest celebrity news and then predicting its implications on the celebs life and the industry. You can always fill a review with critical sentences but if they are mature and not just negative would work more likely.
– If your news story about a celebrity is regarding any good step or initiative taken by the celeb then you certainly can have loads of ideas on that. For instance you can talk about other celebs who had also taken such initiatives in the past. You can also make a list of those who have been in such social beneficial practices and those who have not been there.
– If a celebrity news story is about a launch of a news movie, you can discuss about the role of the celebrity and then compare his or her previous work with the latest one. Again critical approach and appreciation can be an option for writing a review.

I am certain you would have availed a lot from this article and if you have then you must check out News world wide blog as I have found it very inspiring in this category and most of the suggestions that I have mentioned in this article, are seen in that blog.

News and Society – The Power & Responsibility of Wealth

What do you think of when you hear the word “wealth”?

Now, what do others what you to think of when they say the word “wealth”?

It of course depends on the person asking, doesn’t it?

Depending on who your audience is, “wealth” can be a dirty word–especially in the political world. I always found it ironic that so many of the people in elected office who villainize the wealthy are themselves in that class. Strange, isn’t?

Another place where this twilight zone effect occurs is in entertainment. A recent article was suggested to me called ‘The Mess We’re In: The Challenge of Meldramocracy’ (by Glenn W. Smith). The article is by a columnist in Hollywood opining about the health care debate. He accuses one ideological group of scaring voters to their view using “melodrama” (but doesn’t suggest that that group might actually be winning the debate through factual data and sound reason).

And yet we have another ideological group that likes to employ guilt in order to get voters to support their advocacy of a nanny state–in this case government-run health care. The tactic is usually focused on the wealthy, as a way to either explain why they must pay higher taxes or why they should willingly give over their wealth.

Sadly, the tactic works and all too often. How do I know? Because the person who suggested the article is a millionaire, and a millionaire who has worked hard to become so. And because of guilt laid on successful people such as himself, he is willing to accept the irony that he (and others like him) should give up their wealth to the government so that politicians can re-distribute that wealth as they see fit. This is a terrible mistake if followed through to conclusion.

There is a tendency to equate wealth with arrogance or disconnected elitism. Absolutely this occurs and (again) the irony is that this trait is most often found in wealthy bureaucrats, aristocrats, intelligentsia, and entertainers doing the criticizing (or engaged in related activism), NOT hard-working wealthy such as my fellow entrepreneur colleague.

There is great power and responsibility in having wealth. In the case of the health care debate, people of wealth should not be the target of taxation. They need to be allowed to keep their wealth so that they can (continue to) invest that wealth into the free market.

What better way to reduce unemployment and the uninsured than by an investor’s wealth putting them to work through quality, long-term jobs in the private sector? Has any government in the history of man ever benefited its people by re-distributing the wealth of its upper class or interfering (if not outright taking over) functions normally controlled by private enterprise?

Or does history show that the strength of a people depends on the well-being of its wealthy and providing them an unobstructed path to do with their wealth as they see fit?

News and Society – Is the World Crazzzzier Than Ever?

When I turn on the television or read the newspaper, it seems that there is a constant bombardment of negative events from around the world. Today I decided to try to sort the day’s top stories into categories and try to determine if these have worsened or if we are just more aware of them:

1. Global economic trends – The past few months have seen what is termed “unprecedented” problems with the stock market which has been on a roller-coaster ride as well as the demise of several large corporations. Businesses that had previously been viable are now turning to federal government asking for a handout because of competition or poor management in the past. Fluctuations in the dollar as well as instability in trade relations have caused most countries to recognize that what happens in other countries very much affects all of us.

2. Personal financial problems – Whether it is cause or effect, individuals and families are hurting in many ways. The closure of industries and organizations have resulted in layoffs of thousands of employees. The mortgage meltdown in the United States has placed pressure on home-owners who no longer than afford their payments. Fluctuating costs for oil and gas coupled with the rising costs for food has forced people to turn to community agencies for support or take on more jobs in an attempt to pay the bills and support their families.

3. Health Issues – Because the mortality rate has risen, we have more older people and this places demands on the next generation when it comes to ensuring that their health and personal needs are met. Time, money and stress can result when a caregiver is responsible for looking after a parent(s) as well as children while trying to juggle a career. There appears to be a strong educational component with our media that encourages us to develop good health practices.

4. War and Terrorism – A few years ago I remember being horrified to hear that there were over 100 wars in progress at the time. The September 11th terrorist activity reminded the world that we are not invincible and we do not have to even leave our home countries to experience trauma or conflict. Every week we hear about bombings, threats of deliberate germ warfare or assassinations.

5. Weather disturbances – Until India recently experienced a tsunami, I hadn’t even heard the world. The hurricanes devastation in New Orleans haunted us all as we watched its victims struggle helplessly. Earthquakes, snow storms and flooding in various parts of the world capture our attention on a regular basis.

6. Crime and murder – I am shocked at how many school shootings, murder-suicides within families and armed robberies are reported through the media each week. Sports and political figures are not immune to trouble and we often lose respect for someone who had previously been a “hero” after they have been charged with sexual misdemeanors or unethical practices.

When I consider the above, I am reminded that history does repeat itself. We have experienced abuse and murder from the Biblical days of Cain and Abel. Wars have been reported since the beginning of time and there have always been the “haves” and the “have nots” when it comes to financial wealth. Even those who claim that weather patterns have changed, would admit that there have always been occurrences of havoc caused by extreme situations.

Perhaps it is true that the more things change, the more they stay the same. It might be just that we hear about them more often and more quickly because of technology and the media cycles.